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Since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to make high quality music accessible for all. Follow us on our journey to unite the world one voice at a time.

Forte is celebrating five years of uniting the world through music!

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Featuring Kuma’s Corner and
Adrian Martinez of Sun Crusher

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About Forte

Forte Community Music Project is a local, black-led, community oriented, Chicago based, non-profit music school dedicated to “uniting the world – one voice at a time.”

Forte was founded by a classically trained singer from the west side of Chicago to create space where everyone can continue their music education regardless of their past experience or financial ability. Our goal is to never build a building; instead, we take high-quality music education directly to places that wouldn’t otherwise have access to freely explore music – low-income neighborhoods, community centers, schools, churches, etc.. Visit our website to learn more about Forte, www.fortecmp.org   

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